Keepin’ dah Funk Alive 4-1995

“Few bass players are as synonymous with funk rock as Bootsy Collins is. Ever since the 1970s, Collins has been laying down the funk on a consistent basis, and by the ’90s, he was stronger than ever on the concert stage, as evidenced by the live set, Keepin’ da Funk. Recorded in 1995, Collins and his band funk it up with a stellar career overview — with a heavy emphasis on his solo originals, as well as Parliament-Funkadelic classics. Few artists can transform a large concert hall into a feel-good party as effortlessly as Collins does, and you certainly catch the vibe throughout Keepin’ da Funk, which sounds like one long fiesta — especially with such standouts as “One Nation Under a Groove,” “Flash Light,” “Roto-Rooter,” and “Ahh…The Name Is Bootsy Baby.” Collins has ruled the concert stage for decades at this point, and after experiencing Keepin’ da Funk, you’ll understand what makes this always-sunglassed gentleman so special.” – Allmusic Review.


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